2014   BA Hons Fine Art, De Montfort University,Leicester 

exhibitions (group)

2018    In Another Place, Billboard (CVAN-EM) Oadby, Leicester

             In Another Place, Leicester Print Workshop, Leicester

2017    Art School The Gallery, De Montfort University, Leicester

            Our Big Move Exhibition Leicester Print Workshop, Leicester

2015    Xenotopia, The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow

2014    Ag, TwoQueens, Leicester

            Degree Show, The Art Factory, De Montfort University, Leicester

            Solstice Pt.1, Pedestrian Gallery,Leicester

            DMU Fine Art, The Curve, Leicester

2013   They Go To Die,The Great Central, Leicester

            Cornucopia, Fletcher Building, De Montfort University, Leicester

exhibitions (solo)

2019   The New Custodian, Leicester Print Workshop, Leicester

2018    Relics, The Print Room, LCB Depot, Leicester

2015    Landmarks, The Picture House, Huddersfield

curatorial and gallery installation projects

2019   Print/Process/Performance, Leicester Print Workshop

2018   Antiphony: A Call and Response, Leicester Print Workshop

            No One Will Ever Know How Happy I've Been, Leicester Print Workshop

            In Another Place, Leicester Print Workshop 

            Aspects of Print, Roy Bisley, Leicester Print Workshop

2017   Brutal Nattura, , Leicester Print Workshop                 

            Small Print Prize Winners, ,Leicester Print Workshop            

            SWE 79th Annual Exhibition, Leicester Print Workshop

            Multiply, The Print Room, LCB Depot,Leicester

            Our Big Move Exhibition, Leicester Print Workshop

2015   Landmarks, The Picture House Huddersfield

2014   Solstice Pt.1, Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester

            Solstice Pt.2, Pedestrian Gallery,Leicester

            DMU Fine Art  The Curve Theatre, Leicester

lectures, interviews,demonstrations

2018    In Conversation: Theo Miller (with Yasmin Canvin, Interviewee)

             In Conversation: Katharine Brown (Interviewer)

             In Conversation: Serena Smith (Interviewer)

2017    Leicester Print Festival (Demonstration)

            Meet the Artist: Theo Miller(Demonstration)

            Emma Stibbon: In Conversation (Interviewer)                        

2016    Leicester Print Festival (Demonstration)

             Make It Happen (Interviewer)                         

2014    Biographical Seminar (Lecture)                       

2013    Improvisation Forum                                       

            Fluxus Forum                                      


2019    The New Custodian 

2018    Algorithm (working title) collaboration with Phyllida Bluemel (ongoing)

             Screenprinting Mentor for Farhad Berahman (Journey Festival: Look Up - Stamps to Elsewhere)

             Thames Type, in collaboration with Thames & Field, Mudlarks 

2016    Curating The Museum with Leicester University Museum and Gallery Studies


2017    Print Futures Award 2017

2014    Leicester Print Workshop Prize


2016    The Printmakers’ Blend Label , Collaboration with St.Martins Square Coffee

artist residencies

2015    Leicester Print Workshop (The Big Move)


2019   Pressing Matters Magazine: Issue 6 (page 6)

             TV Feature: East Midlands Today, Evening News (The New Custodian)

             Radio Interview: BBC Radio Leicester (Breakfast) 

2018    In Another Place: Interview 

             In Another Place Website

             TV Feature: East Midlands Today (for In Another Place)

             Radio Interview: BBC Radio Leicester (Breakfast)

             Radio Interview: BBC Radio Leicester (Ady Dayman)

2017    East Midlands Contemporary Visual Arts Network


2017    Member of the British Printing Society (ongoing)

             Founder of Black Bridge Press

             Studio Team at Leicester Print Workshop (ongoing)

2016    Printmaking Technician (Part Time) at De Montfort University, Leicester (ongoing)

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